Ponds and Lake Management Spring Checklist

Posted by Kenny Murphy on on 7th Mar 2018

Before and After Pond Management practices are in place.


The water temperatures are warming and it’s easy to start thinking about the pond or lake on your property again.There are several things to consider besides your fishing rod as you enter the more active part of the season for your pond or lake.

A quick survey of your pond will reveal emerging vegetation of all types.Early identification of aquatic vegetation that may become a nuisance can help you get a more economical plan in place to control them.Waiting until the unwanted vegetation has had a chance to develop fully and possibly seed will require more time, money, and patience for your control methods to be effective.Also identify beneficial plants that make for good cover or nursery area for sport fish (button bush, lizard’s tail, lilies, etc.). While you may want to target some areas for control you would want to protect these areas to keep them in place. Special note on algae:If you have had mats of algae in your pond last year, they will get worse this year.Treat the pond early, before mats appear at the surface to get a handle on this problem. Complete our pond survey and send us a picture. We can help identify and suggest treatments.

It’s still not too late to add some cover for fish. This brings our bass and bluegill in good contact and reinforces a healthy predator-prey relationship. Everyone thinks immediately about Christmas trees but we prefer man-made fish structure/attractors over trees. You have a lot less problems getting your fishing lines hung up. You want to spend your time fishing and not fixing your lines. By placing them into the pond with you have your new favorite fishing spot. Also remember to utilize turtle traps to manage over population. When they get some size on them they can eat your fish and not to mention, steal your bait.

Pond Aeration should be a consideration for your pond or lake. Kasco Marine has several types of aeration devices: Surface aerators, Aerating Fountains, and diffused aeration systems. Aeration through circulation does several good things for your pond. It allows the pond to breathe which increases oxygen levels.It evenly distributes the temperature, oxygen, nutrients, and pH.These conditions allow fish to use more of the water body, grow faster and healthier, and it is insurance against the heartbreak of a fish kill caused by low oxygen conditions.

Really consider using a Beneficial Bacteria in your management plan as well. Don’t let the term bacteria scare you away. It’s a biological way to reduce the muck layer on your ponds bottom which is full of decaying organic material like leaves, grass clippings, fish poo etc. The layers contain a lot of Phosphorous and Nitrogen. AKA (Fertilizer for your unwanted aquatics plants). We’ve seen great results with as an average of 6-8 inches of muck gone in a single year in warmer ponds. It’s not an overnight results type of action but beats the socks off expensive dredging. Really consider this management tool in your arsenal.

Pond Dyes are another chemical free way of managing your pond. It’s essentially a super concentrate food grade dye. It simply shades the water in a Blue or Dark Blue color. This keeps sunlight from penetrating deeper into the water column. Therefore, stopping or slowing Photosynthesis down, which is the main energy source for the plants. In addition, Pond Dyes are very beneficial for algae control.

You may want to consider adding an automatic fish feeder to you plan.Many wildlife feeder manufacturers offer a fish feeder in their line of products.Look for a “directional” feeder or a feeder sits at the water’s edge.This will avoid spilled feed creating a mess and an attraction for critters.Feeding can add significant weight to bream and catfish since the pellet is concentrated nutrition that they don’t have to expend much energy to consume.Bass receive the benefits of a more productive bream population but do not consume the feed directly.Grass carp can become spoiled to the feed and feeders do take some battery maintenance. This more aggressive management technique also shows results in the form of weight gains as well.It can serve to concentrate fish in areas with better access for children or elderly anglers. Its also makes for some great entertainment with fish hitting the waters surface during the feeding frenzy.

Decide early on your pond management approach for spring and enjoy the results all summer long. Feel free to contact us with any questions.