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Making Your Waters An Asset

Decorative Fountains

Decorative Fountains


Enhance the visual appeal of your pond or lake with Kasco Decorative Fountains. Whether you’re looking for a stunning water display 30 feet high or an accent to add sparkle to your water, we have a product that will fit your need. Kasco’s Decorative Fountains include our J Series and xStream Series. The J Series Fountain has been designed with our clog and corrosion resistant technology, making it the most dependable, durable fountain on the market. The xStream fountains have built-in flexibility allowing you to create more than 30 different patterns. All Kasco Fountains are engineered and built to run reliably and efficiently year after year. Superior Durability Equals Reliable Performance

VFX Aerating Fountains

The VFX Series is best for the most aeration with the classic “V” pattern. It’s a more open designed pump chamber and provides more aeration than the J Series Decorative Fountains

J Series Decorative Fountains

The JF Series Decorative Fountains are still considered an aerating fountain but deosn't produce quite as much as the VFX Series due to the smaller pump chamber necessary to make the more decorative patterns.