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Making Your Waters An Asset

Teich-Aire Compressors

Teich-Aire Compressors

Reliable, Efficient Performance

kasco-marine-teichaire-compressor-header-image-muk0h9diuo3xf3yzbkmxbfohos1qscn11mx1gjmraw.jpgKasco’s Teich-Aire Compressors are efficient and reliable air compressors for aeration applications. From our 20W linear air compressor to our 3/4HP, 240V rocking piston compressor, you are sure to find the system that fits your needs.

Teich-Aire Linear Air Compressors
Designed to deliver high volume of steady airflow, Kasco’s Teich-Aire™ Linear Air Compressors are high-efficiency, low energy consumption units that perform with low operation noise. These compressors work great in low pressure applications such as small backyard ponds, septic plants, aquaponics, bait environments, research labs and many more.

Teich-Aire Rocking Piston Air Compressors
If you wish to aerate ponds or deep water applications, Kasco’s Teich-Aire Rocking Piston Compressors are the perfect choice. These oil-less units can be run continuously or intermittently and offer outstanding reliability and performance in applications such as ponds and lakes, water treatment systems, golf course ponds, fish farms, harsh industrial environments and many more.